Involve With Us

We at IAC envision a bright future for Africa and are aware of our limitations and mindful of the knowledge, skills, and competencies, you as an individual or organization posses and look for your valuable cooperation in all forms. We hope you will consider joining hands with us to make a difference in Africa.


  • Partnerships at different levels, local, national, regional, and global,
  • Partnerships with community, NGO, research, academic, government and private sector
  • Partnerships across different sectors, particularly, health, education, employment creation, resource building etc
  • Partnerships for delivery of grants and research projects.

For more information on starting a partnership please contacts our Partnerships Team who would welcome hearing from you.


  • Keep a tab on all our latest news, events and updates on IAC by connecting with us on face book and twitter.
  • Help us raise funds for projects for better life of millions of People across Africa.
  • Contribute your articles suggestions critical inputs in making IAC more effective
  • Help with ushering, ticket sales, marketing etc for India African cultural events to be held in different parts of the country.
  • Help us undertake advocacy locally, nationally and for Africa. We can strengthen our campaign and help raise awareness of important development issues.