Who We Are

The India Africa Centre is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary institution that acts as a gateway for engagement with today's Africa in social, political cultural and economic spheres to provide sustainable quality of life in Africa and beyond. The India Africa Centre will operate nationally and globally to transform our understanding of African continent and promote partnership, collaboration, dialogue and understanding between political leaders, policy makers, international agencies, social reformers, academicians, artists, business leaders, civil society and their counterparts in India and beyond. The centre intends to convene focused exchanges and results-oriented policy research, undertake outreach programs and advocate the cause of Africa on all possible platforms by forming a chain of likeminded individuals, institutions, who believe and stand for the African cause.

IAC seeks a constant dialogue to build a more holistic understanding of contemporary Africa and its issues and build innovative partnerships between Africa, India and the rest of the world. IAC believe that India on account of having undergone similar kind of historical experience, socio-political and economic transformations and struggles rightfully understands the challenges; Africa is currently facing and can help tackle them and play a crucial and constructive role in ensuring its rightful positions among the nations of the world. As a think-and-do tank IAC include social workers economists, academicians , policy analysts, management consultants, industry experts supported by a network of resource persons and experts working from India ,Africa and other parts of the world with a mission to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Africa and the world at large.


To add momentum to the efforts of the African people in realizing their long cherished dream of a greater Africa by offering all possible assistance in tackling socio, political economic, environmental challenges, drawing inspiration and strength from similar historical experiences, struggles and transformations we have undergone as a nation.


IAC is dedicated to foster and strengthen the century old ties of friendship between India and Africa and play a crucial role in offering strength, support, solace in social, economic, cultural spheres in close cooperation with the respective governments, individuals, existing organizations and world bodies with similar aims and objectives.